FAIMA - Facultatea de Antreprenoriat, Ingineria si Managementul Afacerilor
Academic staff of the Management Department – Professors, associated professors, lecturers and assistants provide the managerial education of students of FAIMA and other faculties of UPB.

Most staff members of the Management Department attended internships, visits or graduate courses in management, marketing, business engineering to renowned universities in Europe and US.

The academic staff of the Management Department is as follows:

Prof. univ. Gheorghe MILITARU
gheorghe. militaru@upb.ro
Prof. dr. ing. Sorin IONESCU
Prof. univ. Florin DANALACHE
Conf. univ. Doina SERBAN
Sef Lucrari Cristian POPESCU
Conferentiar universitar Elena FLEACA
Sef Lucrari Alexe Cătălin George
Sef Lucrari Alexe Cătălina Monica
Sef Lucrari Dan DUMITRIU
Sef Lucrari Cristina SIMION
Sef lucrari Petruta MIHAI
Sl. univ. dr. ing. ec. Paula Voicu
Sl.dr.ing Bogdan FLEACA
Prof.dr.ing. Anca Alexandra Purcarea
Prof.dr.ing. Cristian Niculescu
Prof.dr.ing.ec Cezar Scarlat
As. drd.ing. Andreea Dumitrescu
Sl. dr. ing. Olivia Negoita
Conf.dr. Dana Deselnicu
Sl.drd.ing. Iuliana Grecu
Sl.dr.ing. Bogdan Tiganoaia
Sl.dr.ing. Claudiu Purdescu
As.drd.ing. Mihai Corocaescu
As. drd.ing. Alexandra Ioanid
As. dr.ing. Andrei Niculescu

A remarkable contribution to the development of management education in Politehnica University of Bucharest has been brought by the leaders of the Management Department:
1948 - 1963 - Prof. eng. Constantin Atanasiu
1963 - 1971 - Prof. dr. ing. Ioan Stancescu
1971 - 1974 - Prof. dr. eng. Stefan Barlea
1974 - 1985 - Prof. dr. eng. Tudor Homos
1985 - 1990 - Prof. dr. eng. Natalia Stoica
1990 - 2000 - Prof. dr. eng. Dan Ardelea
2000 - 2013 - Prof. dr. eng. Anca Alexandra Purcarea
In prezent - Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Gheorghe Militaru.