FAIMA - Facultatea de Antreprenoriat, Ingineria si Managementul Afacerilor

Starting with 1990, some of the most important Romanian Universities, with large tradition in the technical education, decided to start a new higher education profile as a better response to the trends that appeared in the Romanian Economy. After many metamorphoses, that initiative became the Economic Engineering education.

The University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (UPB) could not be outside that direction. Therefore, in 1993, a team formed by professors from the Industrial Management Chair, under the coordination of Professor Corneliu Radu, developed the necessary documentation to create the specialization Economic Engineering in the Chemical and Materials Industry. That specialization earned its accreditation in 1994 at Faculty of Industrial Chemistry.

As a response to the request of that faculty the Bureau of UPB Senate decided that, starting the academic year 1997-1998, the „Chemistry“ team from Industrial Management Chair (formed by professors who have classes mainly to that Faculty) became the Economic Engineering (EE) Team within the Science and Engineering of the Oxide Materials Chair. From the very beginning, the EE team had a large autonomy.

Because the team fulfil all the attributions and tasks of a Chair, and its qualitative and quantitative evolutions, taking into consideration education, scientific, and administrative aspects, the UPB management decided that, starting November 1999, the EE team became the Economic Engineering Chair. That decision coincided with the first group of Economic Engineering graduates at the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry.

In 2009, following the evaluation visit of a team from the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education to reconfirm the accreditation, the programme Economic Engineering in Chemical and Materials Industry received the highest rank (full trust).

Starting 2010, the Chair of Economic Engineering became part of the new funded Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Business Engineering and Management (FAIMA). As a result of the new Law of Education and the statement of the Faculty Council, starting 2011, the chair became the Economic Engineering Department.