FAIMA - Facultatea de Antreprenoriat, Ingineria si Managementul Afacerilor
Facultatea are disponibile pentru sesiunea de toamna (27 august – 14 septembrie 2018) 150 de locuri vancante la BUGET si 50 de locuri vacante la TAXA pentru urmatoarele programe de studii de masterat:
1.Antreprenoriat, Managementul și Ingineria Afacerilor - AMIA
2.Ingineria resurselor umane în organizaţiile industriale - IRUOI
3.Calitatea produselor şi serviciilor industriale - CPSI
4.Politici economice europene - PEE
5.Inginerie economică în activităţi industriale - IEAI
6.Marketing industrial - MkI
7.Management of the Digital Entreprises / Managementul Intreprinderilor Digitale - MDE
8.Managementul organizaţiilor educaţionale - MOE
9.Business Engineering and Entrepreneurship / Antreprenoriat şi ingineria afacerilor - BEE

Facultatea de Antreprenoriat, Ingineria și Managementul Afacerilor (FAIMA) a ocupat în sesiunea iulie 2018 toate locurile subvenționate de la buget, care au fost suplimentate cu 40. În consecință, FAIMA consideră concursul de admitere la studii de licență 2018 închis și nu mai organizează sesiunea a doua de admitere. Pentru clarificarea situației dumneavoastră vă rugăm să consultați site-ul UPB.

De ce FAIMA?

• Ca student la facultatea noastră vei avea parte de experiențe memorabile alături de colegi și de profesorii noștri.
• Dacă ești interesat să înființezi propria afacere sau să înveți noțiuni esențiale de ingineria afacerilor, atunci FAIMA este alegerea ideală.
• De asemenea, facultatea noastră oferă un spectru larg de posibilități pentru dezvoltarea personală și angajarea în medii de lucru variate.

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Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Business Engineering and Management - FAIMA was founded in the spring of 2010, from The Management Department of Politehnica University of Bucharest (UPB).
FAIMA is functioning like any Faculty of UPB, in accordance to Government Decision (HG). no. 749/2009 as amended and supplemented.
FAIMA awards Engineer Diplomas in "Engineering and Management", issued by UPB - Romanian Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports, at graduation of its undergraduate studies.

FAIMA undergraduate studies specializations are:
- Business Engineering and Management;
- Economic Engineering in the Electrical, Energy and Electronics Sector;
- Economic Engineering in Chemical and Materials Industry.

FAIMA also offers Master and PhD Programs (in "Industrial Engineering") corresponding to cycles I, II and III of the Bologna system. After the 4 years of undergraduate studies, the Master Programs provided by FAIMA ensure a very good compatibility with the quality requirements imposed by European standards for higher education, in the context of ongoing developments in the EU labor market. FAME ensure a performing, engineering and managerial training based on creativity and practice, giving students a real chance to compete in the labor market, including in the entrepreneurial field who knows a continuous development in recent years. Faculty addresses both young people interested to build a career in the business world (in industry and in other sectors), and those who want to develop their own business. The professors are nationally and internationally renowned specialists, and exert the knowledge transfer in an interactive manner, permanently connected to practice, providing all the necessary conditions to stimulate students' thinking, practice and skills.
FAIMA offers students a consistent material base, providing a modern library equipped with books of interest for the specialization area "Business Management and Engineering", such as: management, marketing, human resource management, organizational development, finance, project management, business communication, strategic management, quality management and other monographs, books and valuable works on specific related areas. Most books belong to prestigious publishers like Prentice Hall, McGraw Hill, Pearson, Teora, Niculescu and others. FAIMA also has modern teaching laboratories in which students can practice on useful software simulations for developing their managerial skills, such as: The Marketing Game, Primavera, Adonis, Adoscore, MS Project and so on. Based on a bi-univocal relationship between academia and the business world, the Faculty has close relationships with major international corporations (HP, Siemens, Porsche, Hornbach, Salesianer Miettex etc.), ensuring that the graduates can successfully meet the selection criteria imposed by the employment grids rigors.